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Meet Jeff Jones


We need someone who understands the outer edges and various sides, but can work & compromise and come up with a solution that works, someone who understands the value of a good foundation.

Why should you vote for me? We Can Do Better

You should vote for me, because you will know you have someone that cares about your situation and challenges from one who has witnessed or been a part of most of what we go through.

You should vote for me because I’m a career servant of the people, one who always wanted what’s best for everyone. I have a deep faith that leads to seeing the bigger picture and I’m not willing to be cut off from others who don’t agree, but try to find good common ground between us that we can build a better future on.

Views on Major Issues

We need each other, and no “one size fits everyone” is possible

I believe all life is worth helping it grow and succeed.

I believe in America and a great nation and one that should be getting the best we can offer.  Great, Great grandfather was a congressman who designed our flag as we know it today. Modified the one stripe and one star for each new state, to 13 stripes &  a new star.

I believe individual rights are important and worth having as the Constitution guarantees. But with those rights comes responsibility, and we need to figure the best way to strengthen responsibilities in order to keep the rights working.

We are all immigrants. The Native Americans came from somewhere else too, across the land-bridge that connected Alaska to Russia 450,000 years ago.

I believe that a blending of skills, abilities, experiences benefits all of us better that just one, Immigration brings us the best from other nations and gives us a chance to be better for it. It comes with a very strong desire to be in our country, future loyal citizens.

Some kind of health plan is needed, because without our health, we can’t work, or live the way we want, we can’t raise healthy children, healthy children do better in school, to be able to have the best chance they can have.

I believe sacrifices make us a better people. When we are willing to see another person get better because we held back some of our demands, we are going to be a great nation.

We should be able to “do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” John Wesley advice for daily living.